St Michael’s, Church of England, VA, Primary and Nursery School


To see the current Instrument of Government click here.

We currently have one foundation  governor vacancy.  If you are interested in joining our governing board please speak to John Neenan or Andrew Beane for more information.  To find out more about the role please talk to any of our governors or Fiona Tibbitt (clerk to governors). Follow this link for an overview of a school governor’s role.

Governing Body Minutes

Our Current Governing Body


Mrs Eleanor Milligan, Foundation Governor

Former Chair of Governors

First appointed as a parent governor in 05.11.12

Appointed as a co-opted governor from 06.11.16 to 31.12.16

Appointed as a foundation governor on 01.01.17

Term of office ends on 31.12.2020

Business/Pecuniary Interest: None

Special responsibilities: SEND, LAC, pupil premium, literacy and maths, safer recruitment.

School Improvement committee member

Attendance at meetings in 2017/18 91%

I have lived in Aylsham since 2007 and lives with my lovely husband and 2 children near the town centre.

After teaching for 11 years in  North Norfolk, I moved to the UEA as a Primary PGCE tutor.

I support students training to become primary school teachers and work in partnership with school and early years settings across Norfolk.


Dr David Joseph Hibberd,

Vice Chair, LA Governor and Chair of the Finance and General Purposes committee.

First appointed as a parent governor 20 years ago

Appointed as an LA governor on 30.11.16

Term of office ends on 29.11.19

Business/Pecuniary Interest: David is the school ICT technician

Special responsibilities: Website and social media, cluster governance, Chair of Finance and General Purposes committee

Attendance at meetings in 2017/18 100%

Having schooled both my children at St.Michael’s and been a governor since then I have a great affection for St.Michael’s school. 

As part of the governance team I have contributed to the success of the school throughout that time by offering both council and effective challenge to the leadership teams. 

As St Michael’s now faces new and exciting challenges… a change of status to VA and proposals to expand both size and provision to become a full Primary School, I am looking forward to helping ensure that St Michael’s continues to offer the best possible education to all its pupils within the Aylsham community.


Mr John Neenan Headteacher


Appointed as staff governor head teacher in September 2018


Term of office ends: N/A


Business/Pecuniary Interest: None


Special Responsiblities: Overall school effectiveness, SENCo, educational visits co-ordinator, senior designated safeguarding lead, health and safety, literacy, RE, and PHSE.


John is on the School Improvement committee and Finance and General Purposes committee.


Attendance at meetings in 2017/18 N/A

Mr John Neenan – Head Teacher (SENco ordinator)

Revd Canon Andrew Mark Beane 

Chair of Governors and Foundation governor.

First appointed as Bishop Appointed foundation governor in September 2012

Term of office ends on 31/12/20

Business/Pecuniary Interest: None

Andrew is on the governing board for the Aylsham Learning Federation

Special responsibilities: Collective Worship, Religious Education, SMSC, PSHE, and a member of the School Improvement committee

Attendance at meetings in 2017/18 100%

I am Vicar of Aylsham and part of that role is to deepen and develop the links between the Church School and the Parish Church.  I have been a governors at St Michaels for 5 years.


I have served on 9 different governing bodies over the last 15 years.  I am particularly interested in creative ideas in education; learning outside the classroom and of course prayer, spirituality and worship in schools.



Mrs Julie Phillips Staff Governor

First appointed as staff governor on 21.02.18

Term of office ends 20.02.2022

Business/Pecuniary Interest: None

Special responsibilities: Literacy, School Improvement Committee member

Attendance at meetings in 2017/18 50%


I joined St. Michael’s in 2004 and have always loved the warm family feel of working at this school.  I have enjoyed teaching in year groups across the school and this has offered me the wonderful opportunity of teaching children in Nursery and then again when they reach Year 2.  I am on the senior leadership team and also have responsibility for leading several subjects across the school including Literacy, Science, Design and Technology and Computing.  I also work with a group of children who form our ‘Eco Team’.

Outside of school I love running and have enjoyed several half marathons and a beautiful marathon in Fort William.  I am always keen to share this interest at school, encouraging the children to join in the Marriot’s Way children’s race and organising a cross country lunchtime club.

I was keen to be a governor at the school at this exciting time as we move from being an Infant school to a primary and look forward to contributing further to the strategic development of school.

Mr Peter Martin Parent Governor

Appointed on 23.03.18

Term of office ends 22.03.22

Business/Pecuniary Interest: None

Attendance at meetings in 2017/18 100%

Peter is on the Finance and General Purposes committee.

My experience working in a managerial role in both the retail and Criminal Justice Industry in managing change and expansion will benefit my role as governor during St Michael’s transition to primary.

I firmly believe in opportunity and education for all and chose St Michael’s as the best school for my son, 3 and a half years ago,  due to the aims and values held here. I hope to help the school continue with these aims for all children.

Mrs Emily Clarke Parent Governor

First appointed by parent body on 06.06.17

Term of office ends 05.06.2021

Business/Pecuniary Interest: None

Special responsibilities:Safeguarding/ safer recruitment and a member of the School Improvement committee.

Attendance at meetings in 2017/18 36%


I am employed through Norfolk Constabulary as a Youth Engagement Officer for the Safer Schools Department, my role is dedicated to providing resources to our Safer Schools Officers on issues such as Sexting, CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation), Healthy Relationships to name a few.

My husband and I moved to Aylsham with our 5 year old daughter and 1 year old son 2 years ago and fell in love with the town and the surrounding area. The minute I saw St Michael Nursery and Infant School, I wanted my daughter to attend. With the impending change from Nursery and Infant School to a Primary I am still very keen to keep her here as the school has really helped her to progress and gradually come out of herself. 

Mr Richard Penderal Hodder Foundation Governor


First appointed as a PCC Appointed Foundation governor 08.03.13


Term of office ends 31.12.19


Business/Pecuniary Interest: None

Special responsibilities: Safer recruitment/ safeguarding.


Finance and General Purposes committee member


Attendance at meetings in 2016/17 92%

I am a Chartered Company Secretary with many years’ experience in Corporate finance.


After my wife died in 2011, I moved to Aylsham to be near my daughter and grandson.


Through my involvement with the Church I was asked if I would like to take on the role of a Foundation School Governor.


I relish being able to bring my business experience to bear in contributing to the Governance of the School.

Revd Jack Branford Foundation Governor

Chair of the School Improvement Committee

Appointed as a PCC  Foundation governor 01.01.17


Term of office ends 31.12.19


Business/Pecuniary Interest: None

Special responsibilities: School Improvement committee member


Attendance at meetings in 2017/18 91%

I am a Curate at Aylsham Parish Church and you will see me around school regularly taking assemblies and a mid week sports club.


Before moving to Aylsham I studied Theology at Cambridge and prior to that was a youth and children’s worker in Hertfordshire.


I am married and have a beautiful baby daughter.

Mr Chris Marriott Foundation Governor

Appointed as a DBE Foundation Governor on 01.01.17

Term of office ends on 31.12.19

Business/Pecuniary Interest: None

Special responsibilities: Health and Safety, art, humanities and overseas links.

Finance and General Purposes committee member.

Attendance at meetings 2017/18 100%



I live in Aylsham with my wife and daughter who attends St Michael’s School.


I have worked in offshore operations for 23 years and for the past 17 years, before retiring, designing and delivering global training initiatives.


I enjoy walking, biking and boating in the Norfolk countryside.


Mrs Mary Evans Foundation Governor

First appointed as PCC Foundation governor 22.01.18

Term of office ends 21.01.2022

Business/Pecuniary Interests: Member of Aylsham Town Council


Special responsibilities: Member of the School Improvement Committee

Attendance at meetings 2017/18 100%


 Having been a teacher at both primary and secondary level and previously been a governor at two other schools, I feel well suited to the task of being a governor at St Michael’s.

I feel in tune with the Christian values and my three children benefitted from being part of a caring environment as well as being academically successful.

The value of education, even at an early age cannot be underestimated. Children need to be encouraged to aspire and school can provide the means for them to achieve their potential.

I am impressed by the work and ethos of St Michael’s. As I governor hope to support the school in achieving every success. The new building and changes in educational provision will play a crucial part in moving forward as a team.



From this team we annually elect a Chair of Governors (currently a Foundation Governor) and a Vice-Chair (currently a Foundation Governor).  In addition, we sometimes temporarily add to the team by electing an Associate Governor to enable us to benefit from their particular skills or knowledge or as part of their induction to the role of full Governor.

Business or pecuniary interest

David Hibberd is also our school ICT technician and this is noted in our meetings in case of  conflict of interest.

Andrew Beane is also a governor of the Aylsham Learning Federation and trustee for the School House Trust.

Mary Evans is a member of Aylsham Town Council.

There are no other business or pecuniary interests to note.

We are proud that our team is exceptionally dedicated and passionate about our school. In the recent  Ofsted inspection we were found to be “highly effective” and “have an excellent understanding of the school and how it operates.”  This is indicative of the support generally that St. Michael’s receives from parents, SMASH (school pta team) and the wider community in Aylsham. The governors organise into 2 committees in order to manage their work efficiently.  These committees are:

  • Finance and General Purposes, chaired by Dr David Hibberd
  • School Improvement, chaired by Revd Jack Branford

Click here for our committee terms of reference.

The Governing Body at St. Michael’s School maintains strong links with all associated groups but especially the parents of the School and the local Church(s) and as a result any governor vacancies are quite quickly filled by new enthusiastic governors, passionate about our School.  However we are always keen to welcome new people onto the team and should you be interested in becoming a governor, please contact the Chair of Governors via the School Office (01263 732260).

Many thanks to Mrs Kerry Joynes who has been a staff governor from 14.11.16 until 21.02.18 when she left to go on maternity leave and Mr Adrian Rudman who has been so helpful as a foundation governor from 09.03.15 to 21.02.18.