St Michael’s, Church of England, VA, Primary and Nursery School

School Meals


Children have a school meal which is cooked on site or they may bring in a home packed lunch. The children have a choice of either the main dish of the day, vegetarian dish of the day,  jacket potato or baguette, the filling options are below. As far as possible food is purchased locally. All children are supervised throughout the lunch hour (11.55 am to 12.55 pm) by the midday supervisors.

School meals are ordered on a weekly basis. Since the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals all the infant children at St Michael’s are entitled to a free lunch. Class lists are displayed on a Monday morning for parents to fill in their choice for their child’s lunches throughout the week.

The healthy and exciting menu is works on a three weekly basis and changes every 6 months to follow the seasons.

Autumn Winter lunch menu.

Jacket potato and baguette menu


All children under 5 years old are entitled to free milk each day.  For your child to benefit from this, register on the Cool Milk website at  Your child may continue to have milk after they are 5, you pay for this termly direct to Cool Milk. Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds if children are absent but we will store it in the school fridge for you to collect.


Research has established that water plays a vital part in helping us to learn and to maintain concentration. At St Michael’s children are encouraged to drink water as and when they feel the need. Each child has a named cup and can help themselves to fresh water from a water jug in their classroom.


We are part of the government ‘Fruit Scheme’, which provides a fruit or vegetable daily. However, if you wish, you may provide your child with a fruit or vegetable snack, ready prepared and easy to eat, in a small container.