St Michael's CofE VA Nursery & Infant School


Slow down please

You may have spotted the new ‘children crossing’ sign on Blickling Road. Enormous thanks go to the Town Council in the person of Sue Lake, and to St Michael’s School governors (especially Mark Boyd) for making this happen.

The original artwork comes from Eben and Eloise (clever children!) and is designed not only to be a reminder to motorists but also to brighten their day a little.

New Water Tower 2013

 We were delighted to receive photos of the new water tower in Pongro.  It is making such a big difference to their lives.  Mrs McMahon also received a heartfelt letter of thanks from Mr Saly the headteacher of Pongro school.

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First fund raiser for Cambodia of 2012-13



Teddies are hoisted to the top of the tower ready to be sent down the zip wire.






Brave teddies arrive safely, much to everyone’s relief.

Cambodia News July 2012

Cambodia news Feb 2012

From Pongro Elementary School – Thank You!

Videos from visit to Cambodia 2012

The floating villages, full of Vietnamese families, desperate for education.

Outdoor Awards