St Michael’s, Church of England, VA, Primary and Nursery School


Willow class in Autumn

Autumn in Beech class

Apple class in Autumn

Ancient Eygpt and Canopic Jars

Harvest Festival

It was wonderful to have so many family and friends join us for our Harvest Festival in Aylsham Parish Church. Thank you to all who donated so much to the Cromer and District Foodbank, to Rev’d Andrew for the photos, to SMASH for providing refreshments and to the children for singing and speaking so well.

Welcome from John Neenan

Welcome to all families, old and new, as we start this exciting new era at St Michael’s. The staff have been busy working hard developing a new, inspiring and child centred curriculum for our pupils, and building work is well under way making much anticipated improvements to our school.

We are very grateful for the support of the Governors, Canon Rev’d Andrew Beane, and the Aylsham Parish Church, who all play a major part in our school life, both physically and spiritually.  We are also very honoured to be supported by a number of local businesses who donate time and money to improve the education of our young people.

I want to extend a warm welcome to our new members of staff, Ms Lewis and Mrs Bunyan, who have already fitted well into the St Michael’s team.

My thanks and appreciation go out to Mrs McMahon, who worked tirelessly to improve the life and education of all of the children in her care. She has been extremely supportive during this time of transition which has allowed us to hit the ground running for the Autumn Term.

I am very much looking forward to working with you all as I begin my new adventure.

Kindest regards,

Mr John Neenan

First Day Fun! 

A message to the children from Mrs McMahon

Today we had a special service to celebrate our year 2 children, some of whom are leaving and some are staying as St Michael’s enters a new chapter in it’s life as a school.

What I am sure of, is that St Michael’s has given all of you the best start in life and I am extremely proud of the whole community that works so hard to make this happen.

I have been here for almost  a quarter of a century and in all that time have been blessed by being able to be part of your lives.

Thank you for all your best wishes. I feel so lucky to have known you all and the children who came before you.

Below are a few photos from my last couple of days.

Resilience Day

Many thanks to Revd Andrew, Revd Jack, Revd Deb and Claire Lawrence for delivering a fantastic Resilience Day which provided those important things –memorable experiences, and we all know that those are the building blocks which shape children’s lives.

One parent’s quote the next morning “my child came home buzzing – she said she’d had a lovely day and proceeded to put her treasure all around her bedroom. She really wouldn’t stop talking about it!”

SMASH Easter Fair

Thank you SMASH (our P.T.A.) for a wonderful Easter Fair and well done everyone for reacting so quickly and sensibly during the fire drill. Everyone was outside at the assembly point in 1.5 minutes and registered within 4 minutes!

SMASH were presented with a plaque which will be placed in our new library.  The funds for the library furniture were kindly donated by SMASH.