St Michael’s, Church of England, VA, Primary and Nursery School

Rejuvenating our pond area with Naturesave Trust

At St Michael’s we place a great deal of importance on learning outside the classroom and Forest School.  Our children spend lots of time outside in the pond area, especially in the spring and summer. It is one of our most treasured assets. We see enormous benefits to children in terms of their knowledge and understanding of the natural world, as well as health and well-being.

We are pleased and extremely grateful to have received a grant from Naturesave Trust which has been used to purchase new, natural reed fencing to go around the pond area, as well as tools to help us clear and refresh the woodland glade.  Find out more about The Naturesave Trust on their website here.  We will using the pond area to further enhance our children’s knowledge and appreciation of the natural world and give them a safe and exciting place to learn.

The pond area was originally created in dead space with help from English Nature. But this was many years ago. We are delighted to have frogs, newts and water-snails in our pond along with a friendly robin nearby but we would love to increase the biodiversity of the site.  We plan to introduce sedges, yellow iris, duckweed and water crowfoot in the hope we might encourage water voles, damselflies and freshwater shrimps, to name but a few.

We also plan, with the children’s help, to create a more suitable glade area next to the pond to encourage moths, butterflies and a range of heath wildlife.  Heathland is one of our most threatened wildlife habitats and we hope that by working on the overhanging trees, clearing the shrubbery and introducing a small area of gorse, heathers and bracken we will be able to increase the range of wildlife, and perhaps even encourage lizards and minotaur beetles.

If you are able to donate any plants in the spring please get in touch with Fiona or John on, Thank you.

Our fantastic caretaker, Gareth Southgate, has made us a new archway entrance to our pond.  We are lucky to have such a talented woodwork expert!