Twinning with Pongro

News 9 15 update

Following on from the latest fundraising in school we have been able to fund a rice feeding programme for a early years day care centre in Pongro village. Below is the letter we have received from Sister Dulce.

Hi Catherine.

We have just started the the feeding of kids in Pongro Centre last Monday. And since we only have small budget for everyday rice soup feeding, we just do it 2x a week TTh and MWF snacks. The budget for rice soup is $10 and for snacks $ 5.00 so every week starting this week we will spend $ 35.00 a week in one month $140.00. The total amount you gave me is $619 less 20 for helper and 10 for electricity = $30 x 3.5 months = $ 105.00
for feeding $ 140 x 3.5 months = $ 490.00
So,105 + 490 = $ 595.00
We still have remaining balance of $ 24. The $17.50 I already bought 2 plastic ceiling fans. I just bought it because it is cheaper in electricity consumption rather than our 2 community stand fans. Thank you so much for financial support. We were able to feed the 30 to 40 kids everyday. God bless.


Feeding children and getting them into education

Last year St Michael’s children learnt how lucky they are to be able to have access to pure drinking water whenever they want. They sawwater tower Pongro how children in their twin school in Pongro, Cambodia, had always had to take water from streams and paddy fields to quench their thirst. But this is no longer the case.

The children were inspired to want to help and as a result of  holding small toy and book sales, challenging their teddies to zip-wire off St Michael’s Church tower, and holding many other fund raising activities, they raised half the money needed to build a water tower in Pongro’s school grounds. Aylsham Rotary Club very kindly matched the funding and the project moved ahead very quickly.

Now our friends can drink water safely at last.

What a difference we can make!
Over the summer holidays St Michael’s School’s oldest toilets were at last refurbished. Everyone agrees they are rather nicer than the toilets in Pongro! Our next fundraising campaign is to help the Cambodians do something about this. There will be more sales, more zip-wires, and once again our children will be helping to drive the campaign forward.

Pongro School toilets