Primary and admissions update

UPDATE 31.10.17

As you know, we are awaiting final confirmation from the local authority that we will become a Primary school.  The governors and I have prepared for this decision and a plan is in place to manage the transition.

An ambitious programme of building works will soon transform our old prefab dining hall and kitchen into a new purpose-built Nursery, modern kitchen and multipurpose hall.  We expect this work to begin early in the New Year and be completed during the first term of the new school year September 2018. However quickly or slowly the building work proceeds the extra classroom we need will be accommodated from September 2018 in a new mobile classroom and we will be advertising as soon as we can for a new, experienced Key Stage 2 teacher. The changes will work through the school, adding a year group in each of the next three years until September 2020.

To clarify the situation regarding admissions, we would like you all to know that when we become a Primary and Nursery School our Nursery admissions will remain unchanged, with just as many places available in future as there are currently.  In the main school our planned admission number (to Reception Class) will reduce in 2018 from 36 places to 20 places.  However, during the three year transition phase there will be enough space for all pupils currently with a place at St Michael’s main school to stay with us into year 3 if they choose to.

Further information for parents of Year 2 children ONLY

It is important that you should be aware that all parents of this year’s Year 2s who choose to keep their child at St Michael’s will be able to do so, despite the fact that our pupil admission number is reducing. A Year 3 place is guaranteed for those children who are already here.

According to the Local Authority published admissions arrangements, our Year 2 children are deemed “due to transfer to junior school” in September 2018 and will enter the junior schools’ admission round which begins on the 8th November 2017 and ends on 15th January 2018.  All parents of Year 2 children will need to apply to the Local Authority[i] for a year 3 place and applications must be received by the closing date of 15th January 2018. However, please note that places are not allocated on a first come, first served basis so you can make your choice as late or early as you like.

There will be an open session next Tuesday morning, 7th November, from 9 to 10. Do come along to find out more about what the new St Michael’s Primary School intends to offer you and your children.


[i]On-line at or complete a paper application available from or by requesting a copy from their Customer Services on 0344 800 8020.