School Council

Our school council is consists of children from years 1 to 3 who represent their classmates in helping to run our school.

In the meetings so far this school year, the council have; helped governors to choose a new name for our multipurpose hall, The Ark; they chose 2 fantastic new rugs for our library and reading area (kindly funded by SMASH), decided on a way to encourage all children to keep the cloakrooms tidy and have helped us find out what the children like and don’t like about our school.

We have been thinking about our vision for St Michael’s School and talking about Dream, Believe, Achieve.

In the photos below we can see one of the school council doing an amazing gymnastics move. Her friend on the council has a dream that she will be able to do the same move. She has decided she will believe she will be able to do this and knows that if she practices she will achieve this dream.