Code of Conduct

‘The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils have extremely positive attitudes to learning and are very enthusiastic. They love coming to school ’ Ofsted 2014.

We aim to encourage mutual respect between children, parents and staff. Out of this mutual respect, a child’s self-discipline and sense of responsibility can grow.  Through celebrating good behaviour we aim to encourage the children to develop positive self-esteem and self-discipline.

Children are encouraged to behave in a manner which contributes to a comfortable working environment for themselves, their peers, the staff, helpers and visitors to the school.

They will be expected to:
show the essentials of good manners, care and respect for others;
take care of their own and other people’s property;
treat the school buildings, equipment and surroundings with care;
look after trees, shrubs and other living things in the school environment.

Any inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with by the member of staff present in the first instance. The child’s class teacher will be informed and may ask to see parents. More serious incidents or persistent misbehaviour will be reported to the head teacher who will speak to the child and inform the parents as necessary.

At St Michael’s we deplore any form of bullying and ask for any incidents to be brought to our attention straight away. Any name-calling, aggressive or threatening behaviour, damage to property or any other form of bullying should be reported to the class teacher or head teacher.

Any reported racist incident will be immediately addressed and we will follow the recommended procedures of the Local Authority and the MacPherson Report. Parents are welcome to view the appropriate school policies.

For further information please see the governors’ Statement of behaviour principles‘Behaviour Policy’ on the policies page and this Pupil Code of Conduct.